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Greg Anrig Biography

Vice President of Programs at the Century Foundation
Con to the question "Should Social Security Be Privatized?"

“Addressing Social Security’s potential long-term financing challenges by taking the dramatic step of diverting its payroll taxes to create new personal accounts would represent a radical departure; it also would be a bad idea…

Current Social Security insurance protections have served the country well for decades. Diluting those protections in exchange for new accounts poses all kinds of new risks while making the relatively manageable long-term challenges confronting Social Security far more immediate and severe.”

Cowritten with Bernard Wasow. “Twelve Reasons Why Privatizing Social Security Is a Bad Idea,”, Dec. 14, 2004

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  • Vice President of Programs, Century Foundation
  • Former Staff Writer and Washington Correspondent, Money
  • Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, degree and date unknown
  • Northwestern University, degree and date unknown
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